Regaining Independence With PT

Every year many healthcare clinics are flooded with injuries requiring physical therapy and, in some instances, surgery. Injuries rise as sports, competitions, and other physical activities get more aggressive. From rotator cuff surgery and shoulder mobility issues to joint replacement surgery and trauma-related injury, physical therapy helps many patients regain mobility. To improve recovery outcomes and maintain a positive attitude, many experts suggest setting realistic goals and making time to practice prescribed movements outside of physical therapy.

Set goals, get goals

Improved range of motion, better muscle coordination, and regaining a natural gait are only a few of the benefits provided by physical and occupational therapy. After physical trauma, illness, or injury, many patients rely on a robust physical therapy care plan to prevent re-injury and restore overall mobility. Setting tangible physical goals keeps patients focused on the present while working toward long-term mobility. In cases with people prone to falls or vision disorders, occupational therapy can also address balance issues.

Eyes on the prize

During rehabilitation, the majority of patients prefer to recover at home. Since patients spend the most time at home, many physical therapists recommend practicing specific movements while away from the clinic. Comprehensive home care plans can help patients learn to manage symptoms while alleviating significant pain levels.

For the patient, by the patient

Boosting patient engagement in rehabilitation activities notably improves patient outcomes. By working with physical therapists, patients can develop treatment techniques based on individual needs. Preventing the loss of mobility hinges on one’s emotional and mental state. Providing the necessary tools needed to regain independence empowers many to continue to work toward mobility. Staying motivated throughout a physical therapy plan can be difficult, but consistency is key to achieving lasting progress.

Recovering successfully

While rates of injuries rise, physical therapy can provide significant relief to countless patients. Following an outpatient treatment program can prevent disability while improving ability to move independently. Physical therapists and occupational care providers work with individual patients to provide the highest quality of life possible. Recovering from surgery can be a long and arduous journey, but gentle, repetitive movements can drastically help.