An Alternative To Inpatient Surgery

For some injuries, conditions, or tests, surgery is an unavoidable step. And for many, the word surgery often has a negative connotation. Surgery involves extended hospital stays, large incisions, and lots of uncertainty. An ambulatory surgery center or ASC removes all those concerns. These centers provide quick, safe, outpatient procedures. Here’s what patients should know about an ASC and the advantages compared to inpatient surgery.

What is an ASC?

Imagine if there was a place solely focused on surgical procedures and successful outcomes. That’s what a patient receives when visiting an ASC. Ambulatory surgical centers are facilities that perform a myriad of outpatient surgeries. In the past, most operations required large cuts and days of staying in the hospital. Now technology like arthroscopy and robotics means doctors can perform most minor procedures more efficiently. By visiting an ASC, a patient can receive the desired surgical procedure and leave the same day.

What an ASC is not

Ambulatory surgical centers do not replace primary healthcare providers. A patient still needs the advice and support of a doctor. If both parties decide upon surgery, the ASC can be contacted and the procedure scheduled. The patient can then visit at the specified time, have the procedure, and leave the same day. That means an ASC does not perform emergency procedures. Standard procedures include eye surgeries, joint operations, colonoscopies, and spinal surgeries, to name a few. Here are a few reasons why this holds a significant advantage over inpatient surgery.

A higher quality of care

With ambulatory surgical centers, the focus is on patient care. Nurses and surgeons are dedicated to ensuring patients have a smooth experience. The doctor and nurses will know the details. Since these centers depend on successful patient outcomes, ASCs make sure that patients feel comfortable and have open communication throughout the surgery. Patients can also enjoy higher success rates with improved technology and surgical techniques.

No more waiting!

Inpatient surgeries are often at the mercy of the hospital. Patients are often rescheduled due to doctor needs. There can also be delays on the day of the procedure due to emergencies. An ASC can schedule surgery, usually at the patient’s convenience. This means patients won’t have to worry about cancellations.

Cost benefits for the patient

Surgical centers can perform outpatient procedures at significant cost savings. These savings roll over to the patient. Patients can save significantly more when compared to standard inpatient surgery. ASCs also save Medicare billions due to the lower cost of reimbursements.

Consider an ASC today

If an outpatient procedure is in the cards, ask a doctor about an ASC. While inpatient surgery can help, there are added advantages to surgical centers. Patients should expect faster service, better outcomes, and an improved level of care. There could also be some cost savings. Locate a nearby center to schedule surgery today.