An Essential Part Of Recovery

The human body is a fantastic, self-healing machine capable of recovering from illness, injury, and surgery. However, more resources are directed to the affected area when the body is focused on healing. This vulnerability increases the chances of infection, which can set back recovery. A strong immune system is vital to success. The immune system fights off dangers while the body heals. Boosting the immune system after surgery or during illness is key to a speedy recovery.

What is the immune system?

A complex group of cells, proteins, nodes, and organs makes up the immune system. Together, these form a system that protects against viruses and other foreign invaders. The immune system also keeps a record of any past pathogens. Should these nasty viruses attack again, the immune system can suppress the virus. This historical memory can also significantly reduce the amount of time a person is sick. A healthy immune system is delicately balanced. The system can activate at the sign of a dangerous virus, and stay dormant when needed, preventing autoimmune responses.

Strengthened immunity

A robust immune system is vital for recovery. The best immune systems can quickly target, fight, and destroy threats. This is especially true for people undergoing elective and emergency surgeries. An elective procedure like a total hip replacement, for example, needs incisions to heal as soon as possible. There is the risk of infection as the body works to heal incisions and acclimatize to the new joint. A strong immune system reduces the chances of infection and lowers the risk of complications, speeding up the recovery process. While recovering, patients can also avoid the common cold, flu, and other viral infections. Dealing with both simultaneously has the potential to create some severe consequences.

Zinc and vitamin C can help

Getting the right vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants catered to boost immunity is critical to recovery. Furthermore, deficiencies in certain nutrients can also weaken the immune system. Zinc and vitamin C are 2 of the best supplements for healing. Doctors recognize zinc as the most vital mineral for building and maintaining immune systems. Zinc also signals the immune system to begin working and helps the body heal wounds. Vitamin C continues to be a great solution to fight the common cold. Like zinc, vitamin C also helps with the growth and repair of tissue.

Vitamin D and elderberry

Additional supplements that can help include vitamin D, a hormone created by an intricate process involving sunlight, skin, and the liver. This vitamin is used for essential body functions like processing calcium and potassium and muscle growth. There is also some evidence that this hormone is critical for immune system health, responsible for triggering white blood cells. Studies also show that a vitamin D supplement cuts the time of infections. Elderberry, an herbal solution, is another common immune system booster. An elderberry supplement often reduces the chance of a lung infection.

Other ways to boost immunity

The complex immune system is delicate but can benefit from strengthening at all angles. Start with reducing stress as much as possible. The additional cortisol and inflammatory response can damage the immune system significantly. Try daily relaxing techniques, including yoga and meditation. Exercise helps manage blood sugar and metabolism, strengthening the immune system. Furthermore, a healthy, balanced diet and exercise can keep the immune system healthy and happy.

Better immunity today

Recovery after surgery, injury, or illness can take longer with a poor immune system. Supplements can give the immune system a much-needed jolt, preventing infections and recovery complications. Before starting any new vitamin or supplement, always consult a doctor to ensure the remedy is safe.