Healing From Pain And Injury

From bodybuilding and cross fitness routines to endurance running and yoga, intense exercise can keep a person to be healthy and strong. When pushing bodily limits, injuries from overuse can happen. Rest and recovery are foundational to maintaining muscle function. Keeping muscles healthy and strong hinges on keeping a close eye on the type and intensity of symptoms. For example, some soreness after hitting the gym is common, but sharp pain lasting over 48 hours is a reason to visit the doctor.

Starting slow

No matter the level of athleticism, taking on new movements gradually. Overuse injuries, such as small tears in the muscles, are most common when pushing the body too far too fast. Repetitive movements like throwing cause considerable damage to the elbow and risk cartilage for many professional athletes. Notably, patients with a higher risk of injury should consult with a primary care doctor before pursuing any vigorous activity.

Stop working through pain

Feeling the burn can be a key benefit to many, but when does a healthy burn turn damaging? While good pain feels like a low-level soreness, numerous doctors recommend taking time to rest when a movement becomes painful. Avoid high-stress repetitive movements to lower the risk of painful microtears significantly.

When do I need to see a doctor?

Unhealthy pain is characterized as sharp and acute, but what does healthy pain feel like? Caused by tiny microtears within the muscles, soreness after a workout is mild inflammation. However, if the muscles aren’t rested properly after exertion, the patient becomes prone to more overuse injuries over time. Pain lasting more than 2-3 days can be a sign of injury, but persistent pain is certainly a sign to seek out medical care. Healthcare practitioners can determine the proper treatment for a patient while limiting further damage.

Listening to the body

8 in every 10 people in the United States will experience upper, mid, or low back pain at some point in life. While healthy muscle soreness alleviates within a few days, unhealthy pain caused by injuries often persists for much longer. When symptoms interfere with everyday life seeking a healthcare professional’s advice is recommended. Overuse injuries may be common, but patients can prevent further pain by learning to recognize symptoms early.