Busting Back Pain

About 20% of the US experiences chronic pain lasting for more than 3 months. Low back pain impacts countless individuals, frequently causing significant discomfort and impairment. While some drugs provide notable relief, alternative options can complement medication intervention. When combined with physical therapy, medication works as a powerful treatment strategy for stubborn cases of back pain.

Managing the nervous system

Supplementing pain medication with non-intrusive treatments helps keep the focus on the nervous system. The sensory system is a ready framework for possible dangers to the body. For acute pain, the nerve stays activated regardless of danger. Customized care with a physical therapist helps quiet the body and lower nerve responsiveness. Chronic pain disrupts countless tasks, from the car wash to the dog park. A physical therapist develops a map of daily activities based on corresponding levels of disruption caused by pain. Therapists can then use the map to recommend exercises tailored to the individual.

Strengthening your back

Strengthening muscles around the spine can help support weight while lowering the risk of additional injuries. Moreover, a comprehensive physical therapy routine can help develop flexibility, protecting against severe flare-ups. Physical therapists generally work with patients to retrain posture, strengthen the core, and determine personal mobility limits. These movements can even nip future injuries in the bud.

Keep it moving

Raising the heart rate can calm nerve pain by spreading oxygen through the body via blood flow. Only 15-20 minutes of daily gentle exercise can help patients regain mobility while minimizing back pain. Activities such as walking and swimming can relieve pressure on pinched or overworked nerves. Swimming therapy, when planned correctly, can also minimize swelling while restoring one’s natural gait.

Returning to life

From chronic to acute, pain disrupts the lives of numerous people across the country. Exploring a diverse set of treatment strategies can help patients find relief. By supplementing medication with tailored physical therapy, people can bust back pain and get back to daily life.