Join The Low Back Pain Club

Millions of Americans cannot last the day without experiencing low back pain. Now, some even consider back pain a part of life. Almost 8 in 10 people will have pain, with some having chronic pain. Back issues even cost hundreds of millions in missed days at work and hospital visits. Is there any way to ease the pain?

What’s behind the pain?

Well, what’s causing the back pain in the first place? The back is an intricate part of the body, with the spine, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. The bones in the spine, called vertebrae, are at risk of several injuries and conditions. Arthritis, the wear, and tear of bones and cartilage, can be especially painful. If a doctor diagnoses arthritis, here are 4 tips for managing the inevitable pain.

1.The right rest and temperature

Lower back pain often comes from long periods of standing, sitting, or physical activity. Getting a good dose of rest can relieve the day’s back pain. To take things up a notch, apply an ice pack during rest for about 20 minutes. After icing the problem area, switch to a heating pack. Both ice and heat can relieve muscle pain, improve circulation, and relieve pressure on the spine.

2.Work out those muscles early and often

Stretching and exercise can improve circulation and ease lower back pain. Activities like yoga, aerobics, and water exercises can strengthen muscles. Stronger muscles take the pressure off the spine and can even prevent future back pain. Stretch first thing in the morning, which can help loosen muscles for the long day ahead. Coupled with a consistent exercise routine, anyone can reduce long-term arthritis pain.

3. Consider shedding some pounds

Stretching and exercise can help with reducing weight. Studies show a direct correlation between weight gain and increased arthritic pain. Being overweight places additional strain when standing or sitting for long periods. Consider changing to a balanced diet to maintain weight, especially with age.

4. A lifestyle change goes a long way

Simple lifestyle changes, when done consistently, can help manage back pain. For instance, poor sleep makes arthritis worse. Make sure to get a full night’s sleep on a mattress suited for back support. Other optimizations include reducing or stopping smoking and drinking alcohol. Both can increase pain, accelerate arthritis, and cause complications with surgery in the future. These changes may be difficult but can considerably improve the effects of arthritis.

Manage your lower back pain today

These changes can help with arthritis pain. However, persons with arthritis should visit a doctor. The doctor will be able to determine additional treatment along with these tips. Patients may benefit from a range of treatments, including medication, injections, spinal cord stimulators, or even surgery. Back pain can make life difficult if left untreated. Take action for a better life today.